4G. Live first on NZ's leading network.

This is the network the best smartphones were made for. So say hello to things like streaming HD movies. Gaming in real time, not delayed time. Downloading an entire album in the time it takes for a single track on standard 3G. Or instantly opening the biggest, fattest attachments.

Basically, now you can do everything a whole lot better on your 4G smartphone or tablet.

Speed update:
Parts of our 4G network enable a fastest 4G service. To experience these increased 4G speeds you also need a 150Mbps capable Smartphone and a 4G plan. Smartphones capable of achieving these speeds include the Sony Z1 and Samsung GALAXY Note 3. Other Smartphones will be available throughout October. Watch our Fastest 4G in action

In a fastest 4G coverage area, these new Smartphones can download data up to 50% faster than before. Our network uses the fastest commercially available 4G technology on commercially available devices.

Fastest 4G only available in parts of our 4G coverage areas - find out more here.

Life at the speed of 4G.


Enjoy live music that doesn't skip a beat. Download your favourite tracks in seconds, not minutes. Stream music videos to your smartphone and then enjoy them in super-sharp quality.

HD Video

Watch HD video without the wait. Stream HD content and make live TV on your smartphone or tablet a reality.

4G Speed Test

Watch a 4G connection vs a standard 3G connection in this side-by-side 10mb speed test. Faster uploads. Faster downloads. End of story.

Fastest 4G

Live life at the speed of 4G on the fastest phone in NZ, the Samsung GALAXY Note 3. Only on the SuperNet. Learn more.


Have a seamless connection to the cloud with 4G. Down or upload attachments in seconds. Load web pages instantly. Video conference in HD from your smartphone or tablet. Use VOIP with the quality you'd expect from a landline. And save or send updates to the cloud in real time.

Do your thing better, faster, with these 4G devices and plans.

To get 4G, you'll need a 4G capable device and plan.

4G is now FREE on our new Prepay 4G $19 plan. 4G is also FREE on our new Red and On Account plans. Click on Personal or Business to find out which plan will suit. If you don't already have a 4G capable device, then take your pick from our line up below.

iPhone 5


iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

$0on Red - 24 month  

Learn More

4G plan and coverage required

iPad Air

iPad Air

$749on Broadband Regular (2GB) - 12 month  

Learn More

4G plan and coverage required

iPad mini

iPad mini

$449on Broadband Regular (2GB) - 12 month  

Learn More

4G plan and coverage required

4G Smartphones

4G is live. Here.

4G is live in over 36 places around New Zealand and we are rolling it out to more places every week.

If you're not in a 4G area, your 4G device will seamlessly switch to our next fastest DC or 3G speeds. And even if 3G isn't available, we can keep you connected with our back-up 2G underlay. Nice.

4G coverage areas

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